Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sir Alan and Calypso Ponzi Schemers: Music from the Islands on "Sign Here" EP

Having spent some of his childhood in St. Thomas and have long made Calypsonian tunes part of their sets, the lead singer from the Grandsons takes some good friends down a road less traveled... to the islands! Aided and abetted by Daniel Schwarz (known from the Bandhouse Gigs), John Young (from the Grandsons and Spottiswoode & his Enemies), Sir Alan and his Ponzi Schemers run through classic songs from paradise.

While the songs are melodious, there is an underlying twinge of hardship and longing that comes through and provides a certain authenticity not found in your buffett or beach musics. But never fear, fellow Grandson Chris Watling brings his baritone sax along to keep the festivities festive.

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